We at Bridge County are happy to inform you that the 1st Phase has been successfully completed and the 2nd Phase has been launched. This Financial Year we have decided to take it a step up further to bring you closer to owning that dream home! We have launched a scheme for both first time home buyers and investors where you not only get possession of the house but also get rent even before you own and occupy it. There are no hidden conditions here and it’s  very simple!

In this scheme we offer a Proposed Rent of:

Rs. 8,000/- for a 3 BHK Apartment | Rs.6, 000/- for a 2 BHK Apartment

Our USP is that we offer rent even before occupation and it becomes an income generating asset!


In this scheme after we raise the 1st Demand Note (after completion of foundation), rent will be paid in the consecutive month. For ex: if we raise the demand note on June 2016, rentals will be paid from July 2016 to the buyer till possession.

After selecting the apartment and processing the loan with the Bank, the Buyer should disburse the payment (Bank Cheque/ Cash) within 10 days from the date of Demand Note, else the scheme will be cancelled and no rent will be payable.


In case of cancellation, rent paid till date will be deducted after calculating interest at 24% per annum. This is in addition to our standard cancellation clause of 10% deduction on the amount remitted to the company.

Rental obligation seizes once the company send’s the possession notice to the customer.

Rents will be paid by cheques month on month to the respective customer.

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