Gated Communities are now catching the buyers’ eye, whether it is in the cities or towns! The main reason being the comfort of living in a secured space & access to various amenities without having to travel too far for them.

The main advantages of living in a gated community have been widely accepted  which, apart from having a well –planned home also  include safety & security of your family, access to various amenities like a park, pool, gym, club house  etc., zero traffic, pollution & noise.

But there is one more distinct change that these tranquil communities offer – a complete Lifestyle Change!

In the past people have lived in  independent houses in colonies which had parks & community centres for their reading & recreation, but slowly these planned colonies have become quite crowded & access to these  amenities have become limited. This has caused a considerable change in the way people live. But for those who want to again give their families a wonderful way of living like they had, the best option would be to invest in a gated community like Bridge County.

What do you mean by a Lifestyle Change?

Living in a gated community brings in a major change in your lifestyle! How?

A regulated lifestyle where you don’t worry about the nitty- gritties of:-

-Running out for groceries – you save time when you have an in-house super market. And the latest news is that Bridge County has opened a new convenience store for the benefit of its residents.

-There is a maximum level of exclusivity and luxury. Issues like plumbing in your home, sanitation, civic works, maintenance etc. in the community are all taken care of.

-You get to see beautiful & scenic surroundings from the window of your house. What else would you want after a tiring days work? A rested mind is more active, creative & productive!

-You have access to world-class amenities like a swimming pool, gym, walking paths, club house for recreation, tennis courts & other sports facilities. These spaces not only allow you, but also your children to stay healthy & fit .

-You give children a safe environment to play, in turn giving them a healthy lifestyle as well!  This is also one of the prime reasons why investors choose gated communities like Bridge County to invest in.

-There is also a sense of discipline that you cultivate while living in such spaces. You also become aware & responsible of your clean surroundings & extend the same when you are outside.

-Living in a gated community fosters a sense of community living like in the past, where everyone knows each other and you are assured of a happy company. Children also foster a feeling of togetherness and grow up in a healthy environment with a good self esteem.

And you can get all of this at Bridge County!

Which is Andhra Pradesh’s first Integrated Township developed over 50 acres of land in the culture capital of Rajamahendravaram.  Apart from offering amenities, a clean environment & peaceful setting, this Gated Community not only fosters a sense of community living, it also improves the quality of your lifestyle. All these benefits have made Bridge County a popular option for buyers to invest in.

Come & experience the beauty of living at Bridge County!

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