Owing a personal possession for himself and for his family is what every man desires.  A individual house is place of contentment, joyousness and brings wellness to th e family. Vaast Shaastra through its spiritual and divine power brings in the positive energy and drives away the negative energy. This is based on the principles of ancient science.

Living Room Vastu:

The place for the guests and which depicts the first look of our home. All the electronics gadgets and the furniture get their place here. Certainly living room is the most focused  place. These are few tips for the Living room:

  • Heavy decorative furnishment should be on the south or west direction.
  • Entertainment related media devices should be on south-east direction
  • Portraits or landscapes of water bodies on north-east direction
  • Trophy hunting of animal heads and other antique pieces can be displayed on north-west corner
  • Rectangular or square shaped furniture must be given importance over ellipsoidal and circular furniture
  • Blue, Green, Yellow and white paints can cause positive vibrations
  • South east corner can be used for aquarium for spreading positive energy

Kitchen Vastu

The place which fills the bellies of everyone in the house.  Vaastu Shastra has some tips for the color scheming and positional requirements of various things used in the kitchen.

  • Electrical devices like microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher occupy the south-west direction
  • Sink, away from the gas cylinder should be on north-east direction
  • Gas stove and fire related such as cylinders should be on south-east corner
  • Avoid the placement of brooms and storage of medication to spread the positive energy
  • Exhaust fans can be on north west or south direction

Bedroom Vastu

The room which bears witness for all the personal things has some tips too by Vaastu Shastra. Check them out:

  • Beds or normal shapes must be preferred and their backs must be on the southern side or west side
  • Avoid placing mirrors on the opposite and adjacent side of the bed and the heads while sleeping must face south, west or east
  • Bedroom can be painted which earthy colors such as brown
  • Dont divide the mattresses on a double bed



Temple Room Vastu

The most divine room for the mind and heart. Here are the tips:

  • Nine inches is the maximum limit for idols and offer your prayers facing east or north direction
  • Lemon in water absorbs the negative energy and the water and lemon need to be changed every Saturday
  • Lighting incense sticks in the start of the day and at evening time creates a positive aura
  • Salt bowls at corners are known to absorb negative energies

Vaastu Shastra may or may not be followed but its study helps for the right balance of spirituality and constructive excellence. After all,  there are some elements in Vaastu which link to the scientific explanations. Hence, the home can prosper under the right choosing of these instructions and thereby making the home a bit more euphoric.

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